Council of Management

For general enquiries, please contact the administrator at

The NSPKU is run by the Council of Management who are all volunteers unless stated otherwise.

Individuals can be contacted by email addresses below:

Position Name Status Contact Details
Chair Eric Lange Parent of PKU child
Secretary Iain Williamson PKU
Hon Treasurer Lisa Lee Parent of PKU child
Publications Caroline Bridges Professional
Conference Organiser Nicola MacLeod Parent of PKU child
Spring Draw Officer Eric Lange Parent of PKU child
Merchandise Vicki King Professional
Support group co-ordinator John Skidmore Parent of PKU child
Society Dietitian Paula Hallam Professional 0203 397 7494
Administrator Caroline Bridges Professional
Bookkeeper Vicki King Professional
Young adults Iain Williamson PKU
Sub-editor News & Views Caroline Bridges Parent of PKU child
IT Coordinator Paul Cardy PKU
Membership Vicki King Professional
Vice Chair Julia Bailey Parent of PKU child
ESPKU Rep Duncan Noble-Nesbitt PKU