Emergency Contacts

PKU Unplanned Pregnancy Emergency Advice

Follow these instructions as soon as you think there may be ANY chance of pregnancy. This advice aims to prevent damage to the brain and heart of the unborn baby if pregnancy is confirmed.

  1. Stop all foods containing protein
  2. Start amino acid supplement (either ready to drink or powders), e.g.
    Ready to drink: 3 x PKU Lophlex LQ20 OR 3 x PKU Cooler 20
    Powders: 3 x Lophlex Powder OR 150g XP Maxamum OR 3 x PKU Express 20
    OR 4 x PKU Express 15
  3. Phone your Metabolic Dietitian as soon as possible for further advice, or if you do not have one use one of the contacts below.

PKU Centres Treating Maternal PKU

These contacts are for emergency use only for those who have lost contact with their PKU centre and require urgent treatment for an unplanned PKU pregnancy.


Click on the links below to find a centre in your area


The following leaflet(s) may also be useful