How To Join by Post

There are three types of membership:- Family Membership, Literary Subscription, and Guarantor Membership.

Please print out the relevant application forms and follow their instructions.

If you pay UK tax, please download the Gift Aid form from below to allow us to claim tax back on your gift.

Gift Aid Declaration

NSPKU Gift Aid form, for use with the following; membership applications, fundraising and general donations.

Donating through Gift Aid means that the NSPKU can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. You must have paid the same amount or more in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in that year and complete the society's Gift Aid form this gives the NSPKU permission to claim it. For more infomation on Gift Aid visit: -


Family Membership

When joining the family membership of the NSPKU, you will receive an information pack containing one copy of all of our current booklets and leaflets and one or more (subject to availability) recent copies of our newsletter, News & Views. You will be placed on our mailing list and will receive new and updated booklets and leaflets as they are issued and a copy of News & Views every 3 months.

Literary Subscription

This provides a literary subscription for medical professionals involved in the treatment and care of people with PKU and their families. You will receive all of the information that is provided to family members. You will also receive additional information prepared by the NSPKU dietitian relating to the dietary management of PKU.

Literary Membership

NSPKU membership application form for medical professionals treating patients with PKU.

Guarantor Membership

In addition to being a family or literary member, you can also be a guarantor member.  The NSPKU is a company limited by guarantee. For a small contribution to the funds of the NSPKU, Guarantor Membership allows an individual to have a say in the way that the NSPKU is run by voting at the AGM and the opportunity to become part of the Council of Management. Guarantor Members are legally bound to contribute a nominal sum to the funds of the NSPKU should the Society be wound up.

Guarantor Membership

NSPKU application form for Guarantor Members.

For further information, please contact the Secretary.