Dietary Information

Announcements relating to dietary products.
Christmas Low Protein Goodies
Posted Thursday 8th December 2016
Festive sweetie treats and tasty present ideas all together in this jam packed Christmas Goodie Guide! Read More
New product launch - KoKo Dairy Free Yogurts
Posted Friday 15th April 2016
Koko dairy Free has launched an exciting range of low protein and dairy free yogurt alternatives. They are stocked in Morrisons, Asda...Read More
Dr Pepper product alert!
Posted Wednesday 15th October 2014
PRODUCT ALERT Please be aware that as of August 2014 a 'New Improved' Dr Pepper is being introduced to the UK market that...Read More
Pizza Express - change in protein content of gluten free bases
Posted Tuesday 14th October 2014
Pizza Express gluten free pizza bases (adults) now contain 5.0g protein per base and NOT 2.7g protein per base as previously...Read More
Aptamil Creamed Porridge (4-6+ months)
Posted Thursday 12th June 2014
It has come to light that Aptamil Creamed Porridge (4-6+ months) has been wrongly labelled for protein. The company have been contacted...Read More
Posted Monday 19th May 2014
AminoSweet has been in social media recently saying that this is the new name for aspartame but this is NOT correct. AminoSweet is a...Read More
Fish Free King Prawns from Linda McCartney
Posted Monday 9th September 2013
Unfortunately the Fish Free King Prawns from Linda McCartney that featured in a recent Dieticians Report have been discontinued by...Read More
Britvic Aspartame Trials
Posted Tuesday 23rd July 2013
Tango Apple and Britvic Tonic Water dispensed from a pump behind a bar are going to TEMPORARILY contain Aspartame for a 12 week...Read More
February 2012 Baby Food List Available
Posted Thursday 1st March 2012
The February 2012 edition of the Baby Food Exchanges List is now available from our Publications section, just follow the link below to...Read More
Britvic removes aspartame from some drinks
Posted Thursday 23rd February 2012
Good news from Britvic, who have informed us that they will be replacing the Aspartame in some of their drinks with Sucralose. They...Read More