Other news relating to PKU.
Parent's Experience Study
Posted Wednesday 14th May 2014
  Are you willing to share your experience of being told your child had PKU?  A research study is being carried out by...Read More
News & Views Issue 144
Posted Sunday 15th December 2013
We love keeping in touch with our membership and pride ourselves on providing the best service we can. If you haven't received...Read More
Sponsorship for ESPKU 2013 Available
Posted Tuesday 23rd July 2013
The NSPKU is looking to sponsor an individual to go to the 27th E.S.PKU Meeting in Antwerp from the 31st October to 3rd November...Read More
London Marathon 2014 Opportunity
Posted Tuesday 23rd July 2013
Attention all you mad-cap marathon runners or anyone running for the first time! The NSPKU has secured one place in the London...Read More
Telephone Helpline Changes
Posted Sunday 13th January 2013
Please note that we are phasing out our 0208 telephone number and replacing it with the number below: 030 3040 1090...Read More
Society Dietitian Announced
Posted Saturday 10th November 2012
The NSPKU has announced that Paula Hallam will take over as their dietitian next year. The National Society for Phenylketonuria (NSPKU)...Read More
Untreated PKU Trial Follow-up
Posted Saturday 14th July 2012
Adults with late diagnosed PKU and severe challenging behaviour: a randomised placebo-controlled trial of phenylalanine-restricted...Read More
PKU to be featured in The Independent
Posted Thursday 23rd February 2012
On Wednesday 29th February The Independent will include a 16 page supplement to mark the fifth annual Rare Disease Day, with PKU being...Read More
NSPKU Launches new website and logo
Posted Monday 13th February 2012
Following a revamp, the society's new website launched today. A new logo was also unveiled to coincide with the launch. Please...Read More
Kuvan® debated in Parliament
From our archive
Conservative MP for Spelthorne, Kwasi Kwarteng raised the issue of funding for Kuvan® under the NHS today in Parliament on behalf of a...Read More