News about new and updated publications.
The Complete European Guidelines on Phenylketonuria: Diagnosis and Treatment
Posted Monday 16th October 2017
Please use this link to access The Complete European Guidelines on Phenylketonuria:...Read More
New Disability Living Allowance Guide
Posted Tuesday 12th September 2017
A new comprehensive guide to assist with the completion of the Disability Living Allowance form. Read More
Genetically engineered probiotic for the treatment of phenylketonuria (PKU); assessment of a novel treatment in vitro and in the PAHenu2 mouse model of PKU
Posted Wednesday 7th June 2017
The PKU probiotic work, which the NSPKU helped fund, has now been published in PLOS ONE, link...Read More
UK Book Release - Jam Sandwiches
Posted Thursday 28th April 2016
Patricia Lorente is a writer from Spain and has a daughter with PKU. Patricia has written and published Jam Sandwiches with the help of...Read More
Paula's PKU Challenge!
Posted Wednesday 17th December 2014
On the first ever International PKU Day - 28th June 2014 - the NSPKU Dietitian, Paula Hallam, took a 'PKU challenge' and went on...Read More
New book launch
Posted Tuesday 22nd April 2014
In March 2014 at the 41st annual NSPKU conference in Skipton, aspiring new author, Faith Sheridan, launched the latest publication from...Read More
NEW 'Ask your Dietitian' section in each issue of News & Views
Posted Thursday 6th February 2014
Have you got a question about the PKU diet? Is there a particular food you have found in the supermarket that you are unsure...Read More
New Christmas Festive List
Posted Monday 9th December 2013
This year we have a Christmas Festive List prepared by the Evelina London Metabolic Dietitians, containing lots of low protein ideas for...Read More
Updated Baby Food List Available
Posted Sunday 5th May 2013
The March 2013 updated baby food list is now available, see the link below. Read More
New Look News & Views, Available Now
Posted Tuesday 29th January 2013
After a longer than expected break during this website's refresh, recent digital editions of the society's magazine publication...Read More