How do you see the future in terms of treatment for PKU?

Dietitian and PKU Guidelines Co-ordinator, Annemiek Van Wegberg from The Netherlands, has produced a European questionnaire looking at patients and parents opinions on the services expert PKU clinics should provide and new treatment options for PKU.

In this questionnaire she would like to find out how YOU see the future in terms of treatment for PKU. This will help us all shape and develop clinics, services and treatments for the future.

This questionnaire was developed with the help of people with PKU and parents of children with PKU and consists of three parts…

1. General information (5 questions)

2. Centre of excellence (14 questions)

3. New treatment options for PKU (11 questions)


Please take this opportunity to express your opinion.


Follow this link to go to the questionnaire: Questionnaire future PKU

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