A range of booklets with information and advice on various aspects of PKU, including a wide range of subjects from packed meals to dental health.

A booklet written for friends and families to get a basic understanding of the diet.

A new top tips guide to success with the PKU diet. Print it out and stick it on your fridge!

This is an excellent illustrated booklet written by the Schofield family for all the family to read about PKU.

An booklet for those who have been off diet but think returning may be beneficial and for those women with PKU thinking of having a baby.

A leaflet to help get the best from your blood tests.

A booklet describing some of the issues around the dietary treatment of previously untreated adults with PKU.

The 16 page, A5, full colour booklet for children with PKU is now available to buy.

This publication is currently under review.

A 12 page guide to starting and running a PKU support group