The publications are available to order from the NSPKU Publications Officer at the address shown on the order form or available to download from the sections below.  Please note that the contact details on some of these publications are now out of date.  Always refer to the web site for the current details.

Dietary Information

These booklets give information about the phenylalanine content of many different foods.


A range of booklets with information and advice on various aspects of PKU, including a wide range of subjects from packed meals to dental health.


Complete list of conference presentations and abstracts.


You can find various forms relating to the society here.

News & Views

This is a quarterly newsletter that is distributed to all NSPKU family members & medical professionals with a subscription. It contains news, comments, advice, recipes and letters.


A number of leaflets are available, each is specifically targeted at different groups for instance teenagers, employers, teachers.


Useful tips for travel and translations that will help you when abroad.


Details on how to obtain NSPKU logos and other resources.