On International PKU Day, 28 June, we hosted an all day “telethon” of events to bring the community together and raise money for NSPKU.  If you were not able to join us you can catch up by watching the recordings on our YouTube channel.  Thank you to our member Tom Chimiak for volunteering his time and expertise to master-mind the film editing and YouTube broadcasts.

All events were completely free but our charity relies on donations from our community to keep going – so thank you to all that made a donation.  www.JustGiving.com/NSPKU/donate

Work-out with Louise: Louise Lamaris started the day with a fun online work-out.  Thank you Louise for getting everyone revved up for the day!

12 noon Tom’s kitchen: Tom Chimiak returned to “Tom’s kitchen” – Tom is not a professional chef, he is an adult and film-maker with PKU who streams cooking right from his own kitchen.


Professor Cary Harding: Cary Harding is a leader in PKU research. He joined us from Portland Oregon to talk about the exciting future in new treatment research.

3.30 pm Get Creative! Awards Ceremony hosted by Liz Twist MP: Liz Twist hosted our virtual awards ceremony to celebrate the creativity of children with PKU. We loved this show!  Well done to all those that took part – this is well worth a watch!

PKU Question Time

MPs Liz Twist, Christina Rees, Jim Shannon and Neil Gray answered questions from children and adults living with PKU from across the UK.  Thank you to all that took part.

Family Pub Quiz: NSPKU Chairman hosted a LIVE pub quiz to finish the evening.

Thank you to the many people that joined us.

Our Just Giving page is at www.JustGiving.com/nspku/donate